Marie Monforte Photography | F.A.Q.



1). "What is your specialty?" 

I specialize in capturing Love - and in telling your Love's  story through meaningful moments. And I want to capture each and every chapter in that story.  So whether it is the romantic love of your wedding day or the love of your growing family, I focus on capturing moments that give me all the feels, not just the smiley ones.  Please be sure to check out my blog where you can learn more about why I love what I do and what makes each session so special to me.  


2). "Wow, your camera takes really great pictures? What is it?"  

Well, thanks - I taught it everything it knows. :-P

I'm a Nikon gal and my two main bodies are D750s with a range of Prime lenses: 24mm, 35mm, 50mm, 85mm and 105mm/macro. Plus, I use a couple of Nikon speed lights and even a Video LED Panel for Receptions.  (I also have some special items I keep on hand in a secret bag of tricks - fun creative tools that keep me artistic and inspired).  


3). "Are you legit? Like, licensed, insured and taxes and stuff?"

Definitely. We are fully licensed and insured and can provide documentation to prove it. Many venues require it - and besides, it's just good business practice.  My gear is insured too, so I don't have to worry about missing a session if my house burns down in a fire.  I take pride in running a legitimate business (I am not a hobby photographer - this is my full-time job) so I pay business income and sales taxes accordingly and I feel great about contributing to our economy!  I also strive to support other small, local business owners whenever I can. 


4). "I see you are in San Diego! Do you travel?" 

North County San Diego is where I call home, but I provide photography services throughout Southern California. I also take on the occasional destination wedding. Traveling takes up a bit more time and energy, but for an amazing wedding I happily jump aboard! I do require all travel expenses to be paid by the client, but I am keen to work out a custom package that benefits everyone!

(Lifestyle sessions include travel up to 30 miles from 92069, and weddings up to 50 miles. Further travel is charged at the rate of $1 per mile).


5). "Do you shoot RAW and do I own the copyright to the images in my collection?" 

I certainly do shoot in RAW format, but do not release unfinished product. All your images will be hand-edited, and delivered as high-resolution  jpeg files.  You will receive a Print Release and are free to share your images on social media as you like, but I retain the Copyright.  The Copyright ensures that you may not alter the photos in any way, sell them, or enter them into publications or competitions, etc. without my consent.


6). "Do you work alone? Or do you outsource?"

Every element of my business is currently handled in-house. From the emails/communication, to the accounting/admin + all marketing, of course all the photography and editing, and even all the album design is performed by yours truly.  I should probably start outsourcing some of this stuff (hey, anyone out there looking for an internship?) but honestly, I have a hard time letting go of that control. I am a bit of a perfectionist and I find few people have quite the work ethic and absolute insistence on high quality that I do.  This business is my baby, and I treat every part of it with the utmost care and attention. 


7). "Why do you include a Print Credit in all your wedding packages?"  

Although I love my digitals, photos are not meant to be stored on your computer. They are meant to be truly tangible captures of your favorite memories. My lifestyle approach to photography means my images are best enjoyed as a collection that comes together to tell a story. So whether that be on display as a wall-gallery in your living room, or in a custom-designed album on your coffee table, I want you to be able to revisit that story and be transported back to these memories, time and time again.  

Also, consumer labs are just not that great for printing professional photos. Ask me and I can show you my consumer-lab test prints - whew - not pretty!  And my print prices are reasonable because I don't make a lot of money off my print products; I sell them as more of a service to my customers. I want you all to have the full professional photography experience (and access to truly professional grade prints you wouldn't otherwise have access to), but at consumer-friendly prices.  So to get you started, I include a print credit in each collection.


8).  "Ok, I have to have you! How do I book my session and will you hold my date?" 

In fairness to all my clients, all portrait sessions and weddings are booked only with a paid retainer and fully executed contract.  Dates are not "held" without either of those elements. So please get in touch with me and we can set up a time to get together and chat about all your ideas to ensure we'll be a good fit. And if I'm not available on your date I will be happy to pass along some great recommendations.