Marie Monforte Photography | family

Families are so wonderful for me to capture because of the truly unconditional love between parents and their children. The way a little boy clings to his Mama's side, or a little girl looks lovingly at her Dad, her first true love, these moments melt my own mama heart. I value authenticity and embrace all our perfect imperfections. Because the strange face your toddler or second grader makes right now is such a special, fleeting phase; one day soon you will look back and realize they don't make that face anymore and you'll oddly sort of miss it. And the same goes for ourselves. We mamas need to forget about our current body issues and just get in the frame with our kiddos! Because our children love us and will want to remember us as we are now - we are perfect in their eyes. And although we love having these fleeting moments to revisit ourselves, we really take family photos to preserve these memories for our children to look back on later. For them to pass on to their children - to build a family legacy of wonderful memories together.
My family sessions are guaranteed to be fun-filled, authentic and raw, with no "cheese" allowed. I focus on capturing genuine connections, joy and intimacy - in telling your love story each precious little chapter at a time.