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Give me all the Pretty - San Diego Wedding and Lifestyle Photographer

April 26, 2017  •  9 Comments

Around this time last year I set up my very first styled shoot (check that out here) and I was so thrilled with how it turned out that I vowed to dedicate more time to personal projects that allow me the creative freedom to explore without expectation.   Unfortunately, that personal time is hard to find and although I set aside a few minutes every week for creative play, it has taken me almost a year to do a styled shoot like this again! 

The inspiration for this shoot actually started with the dress. I first saw it worn by a Guest at a wedding I was second shooting last September. I loved it so much I actually stopped that random wedding guest to tell her how beautiful I thought she looked in her stunning dress! hahaha I went home and started hunting around online. When I finally found it I purchased it on a whim, with no idea what I was going to do with it...just because I knew I had to have it and photograph it somehow.  But the busy fall season took over and my personal project time fell by the wayside. Then January + February brought so much rain and the landscape was so brown and barren that I was uninspired. But when Spring arrives in San Diego all of us photographers grab our cameras and start shooting anything we can get our hands on! We know how short-lived the beautiful green grasses and California wild flowers are around here - how quickly the summer heat swoops in and dries everything out to dull browns again. 

, and low and behold...the dress fit her beautifully!  Off to the nature last timeI knew I had to act fast so I called up Taylor again, who had modeled so beautifully for me preserves we went to pick some flowers and have some fun. My amazing friend Olguta even joined in on the fun!  There were no expectations, no requirements, just pure exploration and adventure.

I mean really... give me a pretty girl, a pretty golden dress, in a pretty backlit field picking some pretty wild flowers - and call me giddy. In fact... just give me ALL the Pretty because sometimes it's pretty freaking fun to shoot Pretty. 

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Thank you to my beautiful model Taylor: @taylorrleilanii on IG

And thanks to Olguta of Oh My Goddard Photography for joining in on the fun! 

Oh, and here's a link for: the DRESS




Kristen V(non-registered)
I love the colors! Sometimes we just have to slow down and do things that are for us. You executed this beautifully.
She is just gorgeous! And your photography is amazing!!
Laura C(non-registered)
These are absolutely STUNNING!
Ashley D.(non-registered)
These are totally gorgeous and she is a stunner!
Melissa V.(non-registered)
Absolutely stunning! That dress is fantastic. And beautiful Taylor too. Just love all of these!
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