Marie Monforte Photography | Emileigh + Jordan, a North County San Diego Engagement Session

Emileigh + Jordan, a North County San Diego Engagement Session

April 26, 2017  •  6 Comments

When I first met Emileigh + Jordan we connected over sushi, music, and hexagons! Our organic yet refined styles really meshed well together and I walked away from our meeting really wanting to see them again. They are the type of down-to-earth, lovely people you just want to spend more time with!  I was so excited to hear they had chosen me to capture their wedding in July and I was already envisioning the magic we could create together during their engagement session!  When that day finally arrived, the warm San Diego sun shone beautifully during our golden hour together at Felicita County Park – a spot with special meaning for Jordan, as an Escondido native. The spring green grasses were just starting to dry to a glistening golden-wheat color, which reflected the sun’s light just beautifully.  But for all this serene setting’s brilliance, the highlight of our session was really the love radiating from these two. It was so sweet and playful – but so powerful and raw too.  Their love made me want to travel back in time to when I was still engaged to my amazing now-husband.

Sigh... Engaged is such a magical place to be. I know it can be a bit stressful with all the planning and coordinating, but I mean really...your engagement is over before you know it! Your engagement is a unique phase filled with so much anticipation and excitement! A small window of time in which you get to be fiancées; no longer boyfriend + girlfriend, and also not yet husband + wife (Or, you know, any combination of those – we are super LGBTQ friendly here, folks).

Anyways, if you are engaged I encourage you to really revel in this special time! And be sure to book yourselves an engagement session! This is a unique chapter in your love’s story most certainly worth capturing; one you both will look back on so fondly for years to come. 


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Kaori D(non-registered)
Adorable couple and gorgeous scenery! You captured their personality and love so good. Beautiful engagement session Marie!
Gorgeous session! amazing light! Some much emotions!
Laura C(non-registered)
You do such a beautiful job of showing their connection. And your lighting choices are amaze!!
Oh man, they are too adorable together! Love their sweetness and their tender vibes. Such happy moments!
Anna Johnson(non-registered)
You did a great job with these images, I'm sure they loved them!
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