Marie Monforte Photography | Baby Addison - Newborn Lifestyle Session in Rancho Penasquitos, CA

Baby Addison - Newborn Lifestyle Session in Rancho Penasquitos, CA

March 08, 2017  •  5 Comments

When I got an email a few days before our scheduled newborn lifestyle session that my client's husband unexpectedly wound up in the hospital and we would need to reschedule, it really hit me. "Wow!", I thought "This wife, this little girl, and her new baby sister could have just lost him.  And these girls are so young still they could have been forced to grow up without even any memory of their Father whatsoever".  It was another one of life's reminders for me to not take a single living moment for granted. This could happen to any one of us, to my own family, to yours. 

Then today I found out that my dental hygienist, Cathy, was tragically and randomly killed by a stray bullet (gang crossfire) on her way home from church last night.  I just saw her a few weeks ago and she told me all about how her daughter, who is in film school, surprised her boyfriend with skydiving tickets. "That's the kind of 'carpe diem' only afforded to the young", I thought then.  I was so, so wrong. Carpe Diem isn't a choice you make. It's a necessity. We are not guaranteed tomorrow. None of us are; not our spouses, not our children, not our mothers or fathers, our mailmen or dental hygienists.  

So as I sit here tonight, having shed more than a few tears, and a bit lost in my existential thoughts, I realize, once again, why I love what I do and why I believe it is so very important.  The moments we are living today, are the memories we carry with us tomorrow. And the photos we take today help us recall these precious moments so long after they would otherwise have left our memory banks.  Every time I put my camera to my eye I am looking for the exact moment that will help you remember how you felt, what you all were laughing about, or even just freeze that weird face your child makes right now. In another six months, maybe a year, that facial expression will have changed; in 3 years you might forget it all together.  This is why I don't aim for perfection in my photography;  I aim for authenticity. I want to tell the story of your love, your perfectly imperfect loves - how you all are, in this very moment. To preserve this for your family.

We are so so careful to document the "firsts' in our lives. To tuck them away in our memories with special recognition. But we can't really do the same with the 'lasts'.  Because the lasts are usually only really the last, after we realize some time later that none others came after. So we struggle to recall the lasts in our life.  The last time I changed my son's diaper? The last time he fell asleep in my arms? Don't remember. Now, every night when I rock with my daughter in her chair, I wonder if it will be the last time she wants to lay with me like that.  Every morning when she crawls into my bed in the hour or so before dawn, I I give her a little cuddle, thankful that yesterday wasn't the last morning after all. 

I am happy to say my newborn lifestyle session successfully took place just a week later, and that everyone was happy and healthy again that day. I am so honored this family chose me to be the one to capture these most sacred memories for them. I am sure they are all the more meaningful given the circumstances they endured in the weeks leading up to our session. And no matter what may happen tomorrow, this family will always have these beautiful images to look back on. They will always be able to see a loving and gorgeous Mother, a playful and tender Father, a mischievous and sweet big sister, and an angelic little baby girl...all loving on each other...all living in these moments together.  This is why I love what I do....these memories captured are priceless.  


Baby Addison, 8 weeks young


Beautiful newborn shoot! Love the natural light, it brings such warmth to the photos!
Wonderful post. So easy to get caught up in life and take things for granted until a big event brings us back to our core. Great photos.
What a sweet session! I love your style and the slideshow gave me all the feels. Crazy how short life can be and how precious it always is.
Matilda Wik - wedding photographer from Sweden(non-registered)
Wow, beautiful work! I love how everything looks so simple and effortless, but still so beautiful and professional! And the feelings of love you have captured with this family is really touching!
I love your authenticity and getting a peek into the reason why you do what you do. Great post!
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