Marie Monforte Photography | Prospect Park with the M. Family - Brooklyn, NY

Prospect Park with the M. Family - Brooklyn, NY

August 02, 2016  •  3 Comments

I recently accompanied my husband on a work-trip to the Big Apple, and got to meet up with this amazing family to see a side of NY I've never seen before - Brooklyn!  Mama Rachel has been good friends with my younger sister since they were in high school, and it was so rewarding to see her "all grown up" now after all these years, and with a family of her own! The occasion was momentous too - it was little Ella's first birthday and Daddy Dave was able to take the morning off work to join us for some fun in the Brooklyn sun!  So for this lifestyle shoot I didn't focus much on posing, but rather wanted to capture this adorable family just as they are...Mother Rachel cuddling Paige, sweetly sharing a fairytale story about a gentle giant, while Daddy bounces giggling Ella-bella.   Paige playfully running through the grass and pulling on branches while mommy and Daddy lift her sister in the air and kiss her toes. These loving interactions are what it's all about for me!  Did we end up with a perfectly posed, everyone looking at the camera and smiling photo of the four of them?  No, not this time (though I'll admit we tried for a little).  But what we did get was even better... special glimpses into this unique little family - absolutely perfect just the way they are!

Prospect Park provided such a beautiful backdrop for us - just as I had envisioned this Park-in-the-City shoot in my suburban mind; with beautiful buildings peeking out over the trees! We lucked out a bit with the weather because the City's soft foggy cloud cover diffused the harsh mid-morning sun just enough for us to get good skin (even though this shoot was from 9:30-11am...eeeek)!   Of course, it helps when your subjects are as naturally gorgeous as this bunch - they couldn't take a bad picture if they tried! Some of my favorites from our time at the park...

2016-07-13 Madden Family-12016-07-13 Madden Family-1 2016-07-13 Madden Family-52016-07-13 Madden Family-5 2016-07-13 Madden Family-72016-07-13 Madden Family-7 2016-07-13 Madden Family-82016-07-13 Madden Family-8 2016-07-13 Madden Family-92016-07-13 Madden Family-9 2016-07-13 Madden Family-102016-07-13 Madden Family-10 2016-07-13 Madden Family-122016-07-13 Madden Family-12 2016-07-13 Madden Family-232016-07-13 Madden Family-23 2016-07-13 Madden Family-132016-07-13 Madden Family-13 2016-07-13 Madden Family-142016-07-13 Madden Family-14 2016-07-13 Madden Family-282016-07-13 Madden Family-28 2016-07-13 Madden Family-302016-07-13 Madden Family-30 2016-07-13 Madden Family-272016-07-13 Madden Family-27 2016-07-13 Madden Family-262016-07-13 Madden Family-26 2016-07-13 Madden Family-252016-07-13 Madden Family-25 2016-07-13 Madden Family-162016-07-13 Madden Family-16 2016-07-13 Madden Family-172016-07-13 Madden Family-17 2016-07-13 Madden Family-182016-07-13 Madden Family-18 2016-07-13 Madden Family-192016-07-13 Madden Family-19 2016-07-13 Madden Family-202016-07-13 Madden Family-20 2016-07-13 Madden Family-222016-07-13 Madden Family-22 2016-07-13 Madden Family-212016-07-13 Madden Family-21 2016-07-13 Madden Family-242016-07-13 Madden Family-24



And I can't NOT share these extra few images we got back at their home after the park!  Rachel had specifically asked for frame-filling closeups of her daughters cuddling, in punchy Black & White - to be framed and hung in the Master Bedroom framing their bed.  And now these archival prints are going to be heirloom treasures she can pass on to the girls when they are grown!  So much LOVE! 



2016-07-13 Madden Family-312016-07-13 Madden Family-31 2016-07-13 Madden Family-322016-07-13 Madden Family-32 2016-07-13 Madden Family-332016-07-13 Madden Family-33 2016-07-13 Madden Family-342016-07-13 Madden Family-34 2016-07-13 Madden Family-352016-07-13 Madden Family-35




Really dig these family photos! Such a cool location and you did a great job of bringing out the best!
Ashley Hawkes(non-registered)
What a gorgeous session of a beautiful family! Prospect Park looks like a peaceful Brooklyn New York location for a family session. Stunning photography!
Angela Beransky(non-registered)
Great family session! Love those black and white in the end with tons of sister's love! That is especially speaks to my heart!
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