Marie Monforte Photography | Oceanside Harbor Beach Family Photoshoot

Oceanside Harbor Beach Family Photoshoot

August 31, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Have I mentioned before how much I LOVE watching my families grow??? I'm sure I have...because I'm kind of obsessed!  It's so rewarding to see how a little one's expressions evolve from infanthood through the toddler years, and it's even more fun when they are old enough to remember our time together, and look forward to the FUN they know they are going to have each session!  (And guess what, ladies? When your husband and kids are looking forward to the family photoshoot - it is soooooo much less stressful for you!) Yes, when you let go of expectations for the "perfect smile" and embrace the candid imperfections that make your family so perfectly wonderful - your sessions are exponentially more fun and result in exponentially better photos each and every time! 

Case in point... I first met this family back in January of this year, when we did their very first family photoshoot ever!!!! (See highlights from that session here). And I was so excited when they approached me again - to celebrate little Jackson turning 1, with an Oceanside beach session!  Baby Jackson was just starting to sit up on his own at our first session (I remember having to hand dig a little ditch and hand mold a little dirt-support-mound to keep him from toppling).  Fast forward to August and he is running all over the pace! We can barely even keep him contained - in fact - little dude ran straight into the water and fell face-first into a wave! And big brother Lucas came into our evening with a great attitude because he totally remembered me as the crazy camera-lady who knows how to really be a goof and have a great time! (And of course, were at the beach...that will put anyone in a good mood!)

Man, these little guys change so much and so really is so important to capture as many of these memories as you can!  And even nicer when you can hire someone to do it for you, so that there's proof Mom was around for some of all this fun too! Especially when Mom is as gorgeous as this gal... isn't she just glowing??? Ummmm, Skin-goals!  

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