Marie Monforte Photography | Bring your dog to the beach session - Ocean Beach, CA

Bring your dog to the beach session - Ocean Beach, CA

August 24, 2016  •  2 Comments

When this adorable family first contacted me about an early morning beach session WAY down in Ocean Beach, I was pretty hesitant. Ocean Beach? At 6:30 in the morning??  Ummmmm... I decided to reach out to photographers more local to that area to see if they would be a better fit! I handed over a few options and went along my merry way - only to be surprised that these guys wrote me back and really wanted ME to shoot for them! I felt so honored be truly hand-picked to capture this sweet family's final moments on the beach next week they are moving to Wisconsin!

I am so glad they pushed me out of my comfort zone because they were so incredible to work with - so full of LOVE and cuddles!  Little Leo was very shy in the beginning, and took a little while to open up to me, but we got some incredible moments of family togetherness!  I seriously didn't even have to pose them...they did almost all of this on their own. It's so incredible when a family comes to me ready to really engage with each I can just document that incredible connection which makes them so unique! And who doesn't LOVE a family that wants to include their first baby - their FURbaby - in the session?? 

Gosh I LOVE when the magic just kind of happens! Some of my favorites... (p.s...did I say LOVE enough? haha!)  2-16-08-17  Fenner-Jamieson Family-62-16-08-17 Fenner-Jamieson Family-6 2-16-08-17  Fenner-Jamieson Family-12-16-08-17 Fenner-Jamieson Family-1 2-16-08-17  Fenner-Jamieson Family-22-16-08-17 Fenner-Jamieson Family-2 2-16-08-17  Fenner-Jamieson Family-72-16-08-17 Fenner-Jamieson Family-7 2-16-08-17  Fenner-Jamieson Family-82-16-08-17 Fenner-Jamieson Family-8 2-16-08-17  Fenner-Jamieson Family-92-16-08-17 Fenner-Jamieson Family-9 2-16-08-17  Fenner-Jamieson Family-102-16-08-17 Fenner-Jamieson Family-10 2-16-08-17  Fenner-Jamieson Family-112-16-08-17 Fenner-Jamieson Family-11 2-16-08-17  Fenner-Jamieson Family-122-16-08-17 Fenner-Jamieson Family-12 2-16-08-17  Fenner-Jamieson Family-132-16-08-17 Fenner-Jamieson Family-13 2-16-08-17  Fenner-Jamieson Family-142-16-08-17 Fenner-Jamieson Family-14 2-16-08-17  Fenner-Jamieson Family-152-16-08-17 Fenner-Jamieson Family-15 2-16-08-17  Fenner-Jamieson Family-162-16-08-17 Fenner-Jamieson Family-16 2-16-08-17  Fenner-Jamieson Family-172-16-08-17 Fenner-Jamieson Family-17 2-16-08-17  Fenner-Jamieson Family-182-16-08-17 Fenner-Jamieson Family-18 2-16-08-17  Fenner-Jamieson Family-42-16-08-17 Fenner-Jamieson Family-4 2-16-08-17  Fenner-Jamieson Family-192-16-08-17 Fenner-Jamieson Family-19 2-16-08-17  Fenner-Jamieson Family-202-16-08-17 Fenner-Jamieson Family-20 2-16-08-17  Fenner-Jamieson Family-212-16-08-17 Fenner-Jamieson Family-21 2-16-08-17  Fenner-Jamieson Family-232-16-08-17 Fenner-Jamieson Family-23 2-16-08-17  Fenner-Jamieson Family-242-16-08-17 Fenner-Jamieson Family-24 2-16-08-17  Fenner-Jamieson Family-252-16-08-17 Fenner-Jamieson Family-25 2-16-08-17  Fenner-Jamieson Family-262-16-08-17 Fenner-Jamieson Family-26 2-16-08-17  Fenner-Jamieson Family-272-16-08-17 Fenner-Jamieson Family-27 2-16-08-17  Fenner-Jamieson Family-282-16-08-17 Fenner-Jamieson Family-28


This definitely feels like a proper San Diego session. Great use of the pier! Keep em coming!
These family photos at OB feel so intimate and full of love - beautiful work Marie! Truly I felt like I was there and I was getting virtual snuggles myself!
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