Marie Monforte Photography | S family Lifestyle session in Buena Vista Park, Vista CA

S family Lifestyle session in Buena Vista Park, Vista CA

October 25, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

One of the most rewarding things about my job is to be able to reconnect with friends from long ago!  I haven't seen this gorgeous mama since our high school days up in Ventura County (I won't tell you how long ago that was, haha) and now she has FOUR absolutely breathtaking children and lives not too far from me here in North County San Diego!  And let me tell you, she is every bit as radiant today as I remember her from high school.  Flawless skin, stunning smile, beaming brown eyes!  And the best part - so much grace and generosity! I'm not sure how she does it, balancing her high pressure sales job with the demands of these 4 little ones - especially since her husband works in the same industry! I'm just in awe of them.  May I present to you, the S family - otherwise known to me at the "Superhero" family... aren't they the cutest things ever??? 


Marie Monforte Photography_2016-10-16_Sherry-1Marie Monforte Photography_2016-10-16_Sherry-1 Marie Monforte Photography_2016-10-16_Sherry-2Marie Monforte Photography_2016-10-16_Sherry-2 Marie Monforte Photography_2016-10-16_Sherry-4Marie Monforte Photography_2016-10-16_Sherry-4 Marie Monforte Photography_2016-10-16_Sherry-6Marie Monforte Photography_2016-10-16_Sherry-6 Marie Monforte Photography_2016-10-16_Sherry-8Marie Monforte Photography_2016-10-16_Sherry-8 Marie Monforte Photography_2016-10-16_Sherry-12Marie Monforte Photography_2016-10-16_Sherry-12 Marie Monforte Photography_2016-10-16_Sherry-13Marie Monforte Photography_2016-10-16_Sherry-13 Marie Monforte Photography_2016-10-16_Sherry-14Marie Monforte Photography_2016-10-16_Sherry-14

Marie Monforte Photography_2016-10-16_Sherry-18Marie Monforte Photography_2016-10-16_Sherry-18

Marie Monforte Photography_2016-10-16_Sherry-35Marie Monforte Photography_2016-10-16_Sherry-35

Marie Monforte Photography_2016-10-16_Sherry-23Marie Monforte Photography_2016-10-16_Sherry-23 Marie Monforte Photography_2016-10-16_Sherry-25Marie Monforte Photography_2016-10-16_Sherry-25 Marie Monforte Photography_2016-10-16_Sherry-26Marie Monforte Photography_2016-10-16_Sherry-26 Marie Monforte Photography_2016-10-16_Sherry-28Marie Monforte Photography_2016-10-16_Sherry-28 Marie Monforte Photography_2016-10-16_Sherry-30Marie Monforte Photography_2016-10-16_Sherry-30 Marie Monforte Photography_2016-10-16_Sherry-36Marie Monforte Photography_2016-10-16_Sherry-36 Marie Monforte Photography_2016-10-16_Sherry-40Marie Monforte Photography_2016-10-16_Sherry-40

Marie Monforte Photography_2016-10-16_Sherry-44Marie Monforte Photography_2016-10-16_Sherry-44 Marie Monforte Photography_2016-10-16_Sherry-52Marie Monforte Photography_2016-10-16_Sherry-52 Marie Monforte Photography_2016-10-16_Sherry-53Marie Monforte Photography_2016-10-16_Sherry-53 Marie Monforte Photography_2016-10-16_Sherry-54Marie Monforte Photography_2016-10-16_Sherry-54 Marie Monforte Photography_2016-10-16_Sherry-55Marie Monforte Photography_2016-10-16_Sherry-55

Marie Monforte Photography_2016-10-16_Sherry-46Marie Monforte Photography_2016-10-16_Sherry-46 Marie Monforte Photography_2016-10-16_Sherry-47Marie Monforte Photography_2016-10-16_Sherry-47

Marie Monforte Photography_2016-10-16_Sherry-58Marie Monforte Photography_2016-10-16_Sherry-58 Marie Monforte Photography_2016-10-16_Sherry-60Marie Monforte Photography_2016-10-16_Sherry-60 Marie Monforte Photography_2016-10-16_Sherry-59Marie Monforte Photography_2016-10-16_Sherry-59



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