Marie Monforte Photography | Pumpkin Patch Fun at Bates Nut Farm, Valley Center, CA

Pumpkin Patch Fun at Bates Nut Farm, Valley Center, CA

October 21, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Wanted to get a little personal with you guys today and share some family pics!  We make an effort to go to Bates Nut Farm every year and snap some photos of our little cuties amongst the Pumpkins!  It's no secret that Fall is my favorite time of year, but you may not know that Halloween is one of my favorite Holidays!  I LOVE the idea of being able to be absolutely anything you want to be!  I mean, you could stick a kite on your head and go as the wind!  You could wrap yourself up in tinfoil and go as "leftovers" could wear a giant egg suit with red horns and be a devilled egg!  The possibilities are endless! 

Last year we all dressed up as characters from Star Wars, and we were very tempted to do a repeat.  But instead, my son Story (4.5) is going to be Batman this year, and the rest of us are all following suit as super heroes of our own;  Mirai, (almost 3) will be SuperGirl, I will be Catwoman (so I can dress in all Black of course) and my husband will be the Hulk (because he has a muscle suit he wanted to wear).  And since we all have our costumes pretty much ready, I thought maybe I should dress the kids up for our trip to get Pumpkins... but, "meh" that sounded like a lot of work, hahah!  So sorry, costume photos will have to wait.... but here are this year's Bates Nut Farm photos! 

2016-10-19 BATES Nut Farm-92016-10-19 BATES Nut Farm-9 2016-10-19 BATES Nut Farm-102016-10-19 BATES Nut Farm-10 2016-10-19 BATES Nut Farm-112016-10-19 BATES Nut Farm-11 2016-10-19 BATES Nut Farm-122016-10-19 BATES Nut Farm-12 2016-10-19 BATES Nut Farm-12016-10-19 BATES Nut Farm-1 2016-10-19 BATES Nut Farm-22016-10-19 BATES Nut Farm-2 2016-10-19 BATES Nut Farm-42016-10-19 BATES Nut Farm-4 2016-10-19 BATES Nut Farm-52016-10-19 BATES Nut Farm-5 2016-10-19 BATES Nut Farm-72016-10-19 BATES Nut Farm-7

2016-10-19 BATES Nut Farm-222016-10-19 BATES Nut Farm-22 2016-10-19 BATES Nut Farm-142016-10-19 BATES Nut Farm-14 2016-10-19 BATES Nut Farm-152016-10-19 BATES Nut Farm-15 2016-10-19 BATES Nut Farm-162016-10-19 BATES Nut Farm-16 2016-10-19 BATES Nut Farm-132016-10-19 BATES Nut Farm-13 2016-10-19 BATES Nut Farm-172016-10-19 BATES Nut Farm-17 2016-10-19 BATES Nut Farm-182016-10-19 BATES Nut Farm-18 2016-10-19 BATES Nut Farm-312016-10-19 BATES Nut Farm-31 2016-10-19 BATES Nut Farm-352016-10-19 BATES Nut Farm-35

2016-10-19 BATES Nut Farm-342016-10-19 BATES Nut Farm-34





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