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The negative is the equivalent of the composer's score, and the print the performance- Ansel Adams


Having spent much of my youth studying music, I approach photography musically - first carefully composing and then fine tuning each image in my digital darkroom to enhance the song it sings. I combine lifestyle and photojournalism portrait styles to create images that feel natural and organic, yet refined. As such, the finished product of my sessions is like getting a new album from your favorite band; some photos are instant hits, chart toppers - the holiday card portrait Grandma loves best.  Others are the more sensitive tunes you have to spend some time with before they ultimately become your favorites. They aren't posed and perfect, but they're real and perfectly you, in beautiful intimacy.  Those are the photos you will cherish forever.

I specialize in Love - in telling your Love's story through meaningful moments.   And I want to capture each chapter in your love's story. So whether it is the romantic love of your wedding day or the love of your growing family, I focus on capturing moments that give me all the feels, not just the smiley ones.  Often I will step back and just let you interact with each other without much interference from me. Other times I will direct you towards positioning and engagement which helps your unique love translate to my lens.  My favorite images are usually a series of photos that tell a story...and my final collections are best viewed as a whole, in an album that you can enjoy paging through time and time again... cuddled up and cozy on the couch with a glass of warm tea (or wine!) in your hand.   Please be sure to check out my blog where you can learn more about why I love what I do and what makes each session so special to me.  

When I'm not juggling the needs of my business and a busy household filled with my husband, two young kids, our dog and the box turtle I've had since I was 10, you can find me drinking a Mangoñada at Cocina del Charro, or shopping the sales at Nordstrom Rack.  In the evenings I'm usually editing away while everyone is sleeping, but you might also catch me making jewelry while curled up on the couch watching This is Us (I'm such a sap!), or crafting party decor for some upcoming soirée.   I am 100% addicted to Coke Zero, fresh baked chocolate chip cookies, and black licorice - but only the kind you can get in The Netherlands, which is where I'm from! I have dual citizenship and speak 2.5 languages (huh?). I consider myself a citizen of the World, and my husband and I make travel a big priority in our lives (check out some of my travel photography).  Overall, I'm pretty approachable (I think) so feel free to reach out to me with any questions at all. You can also connect with me on Facebook, and Instagram. Thank you for coming by, and I hope I get to capture your love's song sometime soon.



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