Scarlett is ONE! A cake-smash alternative photoshoot, Vista, CA

August 02, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

I recently got to complete baby Scarlett's milestone package with her official 1-year photoshoot!  I first met Scarlett during her 3month Mommy-and-Me session, and captured her again at 6 months for Holiday card photos (see highlights from those sessions here).  Then, just a few months ago we found an adorable lemon grove for some 9-month shots (so cute)...and now it was finally time for the big ONE! It has been so much fun watching Scarlett grow; to see her learn to sit, then crawl, and now walk!  I feel so honored to get to see her change - to watch her facial expressions evolve and personality bloom!

Turning One is kind of a big deal around here - and certainly calls for celebration!  Her sweet mama was dying to do a cake smash session but little Scarlett has a host of dietary restrictions/allergies which make cake nearly impossible!  So we came up with an adorable summer alternative to the traditional cake smash - a Watermelon!  I cute, right?!? Although she really wanted to, Scarlett wasn't sure exactly how to eat this yummy thing - until Daddy jumped in for a little help.  And that candid outtake ended up being one of my favorites from our session! Once Scarlett figured out she could actually hold up that giant watermelon, she went to town and got it all over the place (and a good amount in her mouth/tummy too)!

And of course we had to finish up the session by giving her a sweet little bubble bath down by the pond.  Since the drought dried up so much of the water, there was actually space for us to put her little tub right next to the shallow water line, which made for just the type of "organic yet refined" setting I LOVE! Mommy and Daddy usually skip the bubbles during her bath time at home so this was a unique sensation for her, and capturing her wonder at this "first" is part of what makes these photos so very special!  (Plus, who could resist that adorable flowered romper mommy brought for her to wear?) 


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2016-07-25 Scarlett 1-year-162016-07-25 Scarlett 1-year-16 2016-07-25 Scarlett 1-year-182016-07-25 Scarlett 1-year-18 2016-07-25 Scarlett 1-year-212016-07-25 Scarlett 1-year-21 2016-07-25 Scarlett 1-year-232016-07-25 Scarlett 1-year-23 2016-07-25 Scarlett 1-year-242016-07-25 Scarlett 1-year-24 2016-07-25 Scarlett 1-year-202016-07-25 Scarlett 1-year-20 2016-07-25 Scarlett 1-year-272016-07-25 Scarlett 1-year-27 2016-07-25 Scarlett 1-year-292016-07-25 Scarlett 1-year-29 2016-07-25 Scarlett 1-year-302016-07-25 Scarlett 1-year-30


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