Baby Liam - San Diego newborn lifestyle session

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You know what I love most about in-home newborn sessions?  Seeing baby snuggle with Mom and Dad in their own unique surroundings - on their own couch, with baby wrapped up in his own blankets, surrounded by his siblings, his pets, and all the sights, sounds and fragrance of their new family together! I love how all these details are a part of this baby's story...what he came "home to" - and what surrounded him in his first weeks of life!  I love a newborn's skin flakiness and the little milia still fresh on his delicate new nose - I don't want to airbrush away all those precious details. I want to capture baby's wee fingers wrapped around Daddy's big ones.... so you can really remember how truly tiny they were. These babies are only really "newborn" for such a small window of time and I want to capture every fleeting little detail of their newness! I want my photos to freeze a time so very special - a time that can become such a blur looking back. A time that lack of sleep and our still healing bodies make it so hard to remember. Preserving these first special memories is part of what I cherish about my job as a family photographer.  And all these details and more are captured in this newborn lifestyle session I did at the O-family home in Carlsbad last week.  Little baby Liam is a dream; quiet and relaxed, peacefully listening to his big sister read to him, or give him kisses, and just soaking up life with his new family. And what a wonderful new family he has chosen!  I have been honored to photograph them on multiple occasions since big sister Scarlett was just three months old, and look forward to catching up with them again in another few months for Liam's 3-month milestone shoot! 

Here are a few favorites from our time together... Welcome baby Liam! You are so, so loved! 

MMP_2016-12-02 Liam Newborn-1MMP_2016-12-02 Liam Newborn-1 MMP_2016-12-02 Liam Newborn-4MMP_2016-12-02 Liam Newborn-4 MMP_2016-12-02 Liam Newborn-5MMP_2016-12-02 Liam Newborn-5 MMP_2016-12-02 Liam Newborn-6MMP_2016-12-02 Liam Newborn-6 MMP_2016-12-02 Liam Newborn-9MMP_2016-12-02 Liam Newborn-9 MMP_2016-12-02 Liam Newborn-12MMP_2016-12-02 Liam Newborn-12 MMP_2016-12-02 Liam Newborn-15MMP_2016-12-02 Liam Newborn-15 MMP_2016-12-02 Liam Newborn-29MMP_2016-12-02 Liam Newborn-29 MMP_2016-12-02 Liam Newborn-30MMP_2016-12-02 Liam Newborn-30 MMP_2016-12-02 Liam Newborn-32MMP_2016-12-02 Liam Newborn-32 MMP_2016-12-02 Liam Newborn-34MMP_2016-12-02 Liam Newborn-34 MMP_2016-12-02 Liam Newborn-36MMP_2016-12-02 Liam Newborn-36 MMP_2016-12-02 Liam Newborn-41MMP_2016-12-02 Liam Newborn-41 MMP_2016-12-02 Liam Newborn-42MMP_2016-12-02 Liam Newborn-42 MMP_2016-12-02 Liam Newborn-43MMP_2016-12-02 Liam Newborn-43 MMP_2016-12-02 Liam Newborn-48MMP_2016-12-02 Liam Newborn-48 MMP_2016-12-02 Liam Newborn-49MMP_2016-12-02 Liam Newborn-49 MMP_2016-12-02 Liam Newborn-51MMP_2016-12-02 Liam Newborn-51 MMP_2016-12-02 Liam Newborn-60MMP_2016-12-02 Liam Newborn-60 MMP_2016-12-02 Liam Newborn-61MMP_2016-12-02 Liam Newborn-61 MMP_2016-12-02 Liam Newborn-64MMP_2016-12-02 Liam Newborn-64 MMP_2016-12-02 Liam Newborn-67MMP_2016-12-02 Liam Newborn-67 MMP_2016-12-02 Liam Newborn-68MMP_2016-12-02 Liam Newborn-68 MMP_2016-12-02 Liam Newborn-74MMP_2016-12-02 Liam Newborn-74 MMP_2016-12-02 Liam Newborn-76MMP_2016-12-02 Liam Newborn-76 MMP_2016-12-02 Liam Newborn-79MMP_2016-12-02 Liam Newborn-79 MMP_2016-12-02 Liam Newborn-80MMP_2016-12-02 Liam Newborn-80 MMP_2016-12-02 Liam Newborn-81MMP_2016-12-02 Liam Newborn-81 MMP_2016-12-02 Liam Newborn-82MMP_2016-12-02 Liam Newborn-82 MMP_2016-12-02 Liam Newborn-85MMP_2016-12-02 Liam Newborn-85 MMP_2016-12-02 Liam Newborn-83MMP_2016-12-02 Liam Newborn-83 MMP_2016-12-02 Liam Newborn-91MMP_2016-12-02 Liam Newborn-91 MMP_2016-12-02 Liam Newborn-94MMP_2016-12-02 Liam Newborn-94 MMP_2016-12-02 Liam Newborn-96MMP_2016-12-02 Liam Newborn-96 MMP_2016-12-02 Liam Newborn-98MMP_2016-12-02 Liam Newborn-98 MMP_2016-12-02 Liam Newborn-100MMP_2016-12-02 Liam Newborn-100

MMP_2016-12-02 Liam Newborn-99MMP_2016-12-02 Liam Newborn-99


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